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Celebrating Advisor's Clique 15th Anniversary.
Professional Trainers
Ensures your New Year's Resolution are kept even with your busy schedules.
Brand-New Equipments
All our equipments are bought brand new with generous workout space.

All About

Advisors Clique Gym has been a vision of Advisors Clique Since our inception in 2001.

The Gym was a place that we would work out together in our early years as a team usually because of a new years resolution for weight loss and a good healthy physique. These workouts would would be the consequence of AC weight loss or transformation challenges.

Realising that going though these grueling workouts together actually built bonds and relationships , the Advisors Clique gym was envisioned.

These bonds and relationships are the very basis for our growth and our strength so any initiative that supported this became part of our long term vision.

On the 15th Anniversary of AC the vision has become a reality ! Yes a team that works out together work well together!


New Year


Keep to them!

What Client’s Say

Daisy Yao

AC gym's location is central and convenient. Equipments are also well maintained and area is always kept clean.

Overall ambience of the gym is unlike many others in that it feels cosy and homely, with personal touches throughout, cared for by the users who are mostly co-owners of the gym as well.

Feels like a workout in the comfort of your own home!

Jasmine Chan

Having our very AC gym and our very own personal instructors is something I am very grateful for.

A fully equipped gym where one tests one's limits under the close and careful supervision of my trainer Shaiful is a strong motivator for me to get out of my office and train for an hour in between meetings!

Looking forward to a healthy, fit and clean 2017!

Zoey Lim

I started my personal training session with Shaiful about 2 years ago with no clear objectives, but only because my colleagues were doing it and I wanted to join in the fun. Getting a personal trainer has turned out to be one of my better decisions.

Shaiful's knowledge and professionalism has greatly encouraged me to push myself further. I would highly recommend Shaiful to anyone looking for Personal training in our newly open AdvisorsClique boutique gym.

Hilary Huang Weiqi

Everyday, I look forward to kicking-start my day at Advisors' Clique Gym! Newly-renovated and filled with top-of-the-line equipment, it is a cozy haven for gym enthusiasts.

In addition, I am fortunate to be trained by our Head Trainer, Mr. Shaifulhaq (The Incredible Haq), who is renowned for his craft in sculpting the human physique.

This combination of having an exclusive and convenient space to work-out in and an extremely passionate and dedicated personal trainer, has improved my health, physique and mental strength tremendously.

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